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Townsville Nursery and Trade Centre

About Us

Project Plants Trade Centre is Townsville’s only trade focussed landscaping plant nursery. We specialise in stocking, sourcing and supplying plants to developers, landscapers, councils and for other large commercial jobs. We can even contract grow to your specifications.

If you require plants for your large project or small job, come to us and see the quality of stock we provide. We also stock a range of quality Australian hardwood stakes and tree ties for those commercial jobs.

We focus on quality, hardy stock, sourced from the best production nurseries in the region. Our plant and garden nursery and distribution centre is setup help you whether you’re a landscape contractor, garden maintenance business, commercial customer or a private buyer (by appointment)!

Our goal is to nourish a mutually beneficial relationship between us and our customers. Customer service is our number one priority, equal with our focus on quality stock.

We are here ‘For the Landscaper‘

Our Mission

We are becoming the first choice for landscape quality plants and related products in the Townsville region. We have achieved this by sourcing and selling the best quality plants, offering the largest range, and by setting a high standard for customer service and loyalty.

Additional Information

While we focus on being the best at serving the Townsville trade (building / landscaping / construction) industry, which helps keep our plant prices low, we are passionate about providing plants to private buyers and local gardening enthusiasts. For private purchases it helps us if you browse our online inventory and call us with any questions you have or for an appointment at our distribution centre.


If you are a grower, production nursery or wholesale nursery of the best quality plants in the Townsville and North Queensland Region, and you are interested in becoming a supplier for Project Plants Nursery and Trade Centre, get in contact with us, we would love to hear from you.

Townsville Plant Nursery

Supplying Landscapers – Wholesale Nurseries Townsville

Delivering On Demand (About Us)

Gone are the days when you had to wait for Tuesday or Thursday delivery day from outside the region. We offer a delivery service directly to your job site with what you need, when you need it. Get what you need on time when you need them!

You are always welcome to come and pick out your plants in advance (or order them by email or phone after browsing our current stock list online) and we will deliver them at an agreed time as close as possible to the time that you and your team are ready to plant.

The cost of delivery starts at $30 within the Townsville area. We can also deliver large orders North and South of Townsville using our own truck or the freight company of your choice. All delivery rates are quoted and negotiated on request.

Plant Export from Townsville Nursery

Papua New Guinea (PNG), Port Moresby Import/Export
For our clients that have projects in Papua New Guinea (PNG) that require the import/export of plants, Project Plants Trade Centre can help!

We have experience with the legal import and export of plants between Townsville and Port Moresby, PNG, using the ship that sails between the two cities each month. Contact us to find out more.

Addition Products and Katek Fertilisers

We now stock Katek Fertilisers, Mulch Bags and Potting Mix. We are excited to offer this range to help boost an established garden or to give a new garden the best start possible. Come see us to discover the Katek range.

Sourcing Stock

Project Plants Nursery are specialists in sourcing stock. If we don’t have it, don’t rush to go somewhere else, just ask us. You’ll be glad you did with our competitive pricing. We will do our best to get whatever you are chasing. We may even add it as a stocked item as we listen to what our customers want

Plant Schedules and Job Tendering

If you have been given a plant schedule for a project/job you’re tendering on and would like someone to handle it, give us a call, it’s what we do!

Pick ‘N’ Pay

Since opening in 2016 we have offered our quality Pick ’N’ Pay service. Pick out the plants you need, pay, then head back to your job site. You can also request delivery if you don’t have a truck or if the order is too large for you to handle.

Non-plant Nursery Supplies

Some of our supplies in addition to the plants that we stock include:
Hardwood stakes
Pest Control products
Recycled plastic products
Tree Ties and similar accessories
Allied products
Mulch Bags
Potting Mix
No matter whether you need trade and landscaping supplies or just supplies for planting out your home garden, we have you covered.

Water Wise Plants

As most locals know, especially from recent years, Townsville is dry for a vast majority of the year, so it makes sense to invest in plants that not only can cope with the dry but also flourish. One of our favourite water wise plants that we get in all the time is “Cousin It” (Casuarina glauca). An unusual ground cover that will be a talking point of every garden it resides in. Another great feature of the ‘Cousin It’ is that it can tolerate a wide range of soil types – even tolerant of poorly drained soils.

Residential and Commercial Landscaping Projects

Supplying Native Plants – Bluewattle Estate

Despite the prolonged drought, there is still some good landscaping happening. Paul and his team from Lynams landscapes worked with Project Plants to select suitable plants (all natives for this job) for these two new homes out at Bluewattle Estate. Of course, they did all the hard work and actually planted them!

Commercial Landscaping in Townsville – Salvation Army Recovery Services

We had the opportunity and please of supplying the plants to the Salvation Army project on John Melton Black Drive in 2017. In years to come, the lush green gardens created will give its residences’ some space to enjoy and relax whilst they recover.

The Attraction of Native Plant Species – The Birds and the Butterflies

It is true any garden will help create a sanctuary to those smaller creatures amongst us, but there are some species that are essential in creating a useful habit for specific creatures. We are extremely lucky here in North Queensland to be home to the Cairns Birdwing and Ulysses Butterfly. It is hard not to be in awe of such beauty: Ulysses for their stunning blue colouring and fleeting movements and the Cairns Birdwing for its size, colour and grace. Three plants for any gardener and landscaper to know are the Melicope rubra (Little Evodia), Melicope elleryana (Evodia) and Aristolochia tagala (Native Dutchman’s Pipe).

Follow our blog to read more about the Townsville Native and Endemic Plant Species we are supplying to our customers.

Plants and Trees For Sale – Online Nursery

We are a Trade Centre focusing on the Landscaping, Trade and Commercial. Public are welcome for those gardening jobs. Come see us, visit our online store where you can browse our current stock or call or email us today for any information you are chasing.

What We Stock and What We Can Order

Native Plant Nursery

One of the natives we have is the The Daintree Pine (Gymnostoma australianum). This rare beauty is endemic to a restricted area of the Daintree Rainforest. A rare, native and collectable pine. Perfect for those who love to collect rare plants – it’s an added bonus that it happens to be a North Queensland native too!

Bush Garden Nursery Plants and Tropical Plants Nursery

Finally the rains are here and it is time to get planting! Project Plants Trade Centre is excited for the community and trade industry. We are here to help you for you client’s garden or your gardening needs. If you have a bush, native or tropical garden, or you are planning one for your client, contact us about the amazing stock you can buy from us and then get into the ground! Thank you for your plant orders to date, they are looking amazing and will thrive in planting. What a great time for Townsville and the surrounding region.

Our Services

Plant Export

If you’re project requires plants to be exported. We’d love to help!

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Pick ‘N’ Pay

Browse, pick out what you need, pay, then get back to work.  Easy!

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Project sourcing

If you need plants or accessories that we don’t stock, make an enquiry and we will move heaven and earth to supply it for your project.  It may even end up as a stocked item for next time!

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Check out our range of featured products.  Pretty flowers, new arrivals, on-sale items and maybe something unique for your project.

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Plant stakes, ties, edging stakes, jute webbing.  Please let us know if you need us to stock a product for next time.

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Organic or chemical?  Something quick to act or a slow release fertiliser?  You choose.

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What Our Client Say

"Refreshing focus on service and quality. These guys went the extra mile for us to achieve great success with our projects. Clients were extremely happy - Could not have done it without them."


( JCAT )

"Mark was helpful, gave good advice and supplied quality plants to the brief I gave him. I would recommend Project Plants with no hesitation to any potential customer who is looking for quality stock."


( Rollingstone Beach Resort )

"Best quality plants in Townsville. Plus excellent prices! Would recommend these guys absolutely."


( Groovy Garden Design )

Some of our recent clients

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