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Commercial Landscaping


Salvation Army Recovery Services

What a pleasure it was to supply the plants to the recently completed Salvation Army project on John Melton Black Drive.  In years to come, the lush green gardens created will give its residences’ some space to enjoy and relax whilst they recover.

Project Plants Trade Centre Wade from Northern Land Design and Mark from Project Plants Trade Centre

The landscaping was completed by local landscaping master, Wade, from Northern Land Design.  With the plants, hardwood tree stakes, tree ties, and fertiliser supplied by Project Plants Trade Centre.  These companies proving that even the big jobs can be completed to an extremely high standard by utilising local businesses.

Cassia Rainbow Shower

                                                Cassia ‘Rainbow shower’

Red cottonwood

Hibiscus tiliaceus rubra

Recovery Services

View of the entrance to Recovery Services

Some of the species used for this project included:

Hibiscus tiliaceus rubra – Red Cottonwood
Yucca elephantipes
Ficus ‘Green Island’
Assorted Bougainvillea
Livistona decora (Livistona decipiens) – Weeping Cabbage Palm
Cupaniopsis anacardioides – Tuckeroo
Melaleuca dealbata – Blue Paperbark
Pandanus utilus ‘Red Edge’
Euphorbia milii

Hardwood stakes and tree ties
Typhoon Tree planting fertiliser tablets

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Local Business Townsville

Some of the exceptional workmanship on display

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Northern Land Design


Project Plants Trade Centre



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The Birds and the Butterflies


Creating a garden is one thing; but creating a garden with the Birds and Butterflies in mind is another.

It is true any garden will help create a sanctuary to those smaller creatures amongst us, but there are some plants that are essential in creating a useful habit for specific creatures. We are extremely lucky here in North Queensland to be home to the Cairns Birdwing and Ulysses Butterfly. It is hard not to be in awe of such beauty: Ulysses for their stunning blue colouring and fleeting movements and the Cairns Birdwing for its size, colour and grace. Three plants for any gardener and landscaper to know are the Melicope rubra (Little Evodia), Melicope elleryana (Evodia) and Aristolochia tagala (Native Dutchman’s Pipe).

It is true that natives do provide the best for our native birds – but don’t discount how our feathered friends can adapt. Plants such as Metrosideros ‘Little Dugald’ (native to Polynesia) get covered in bright red bottle brush type flowers. I have witnessed countless Honey Eaters gorging on these spectacular flowers.

However, natives are the best in general for food, shelter, nesting and procreation. The best for the Townsville region (but not exclusively) is the Callistemon – commonly known as the Bottle Brush. Callistemons have come a long way – there is a large variety in sizes and colours. From your border plants (under 1m) to your trees (up to 5m). Here in Townsville we are lucky that our Callistemons will flower many times a year – not just spring! By choosing Callistemons you are guaranteed your plants will be busy with Rainbow Lorikeets, Honey Eaters (including the stunning Blue Faced Honey Eater), bees and butterflies of all types!

Other plants to consider are Buckinghamia celsissima -Ivory Curl, Banksia integrifolia -Coastal Banksia, Mimusops elengi -Red Condoo (for the Native Silkworm), Syzygium various –Lilly Pilly and Melaleuca various –Paperbark.

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